Electronic Approval and Workflow Management

For the buyer organization, it is important to include multi-users in different roles and tracking the orders from the beginning to the end.

How Does It Work?

Pratis Electronic Approval and Workflow Management is commissioned according to the requirements of the customer at requested stages within the purchasing process. The system is included in the approval process with different parameters such as amount, authorization and budget.

For example, in the Purchasing approval process, a department with request for a product or service initiates the process by filling the relevant request form and it goes through approvals of certain roles according to various criteria such as due date and budget before it reaches the final step. Also, workflow applications included as a standard in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications or which have to be designed from scratch as per the needs can be included in the Pratis Electronic Approval and Workflow Management process. According to request, process approvals can be obtained using E-Signature and Mobile Signature.

E-signature, Mobile Signature

Electronic-signature and Mobile-signature ensures secure and effective performance of all kinds of commercial relations (contracts, offers, orders etc.) between supplier-buyer and buyer-supplier over the web. At the same time, E-signature and Mobile-signature ensure that transactions performed in virtual environment have a legal basis in cases that require approval such as negotiation approval, order, specifications etc.