Invoice Payment and Dispatch Note Module

Long term agreements reached as a result of the purchasing process and negotiations, or purchase orders placed as a result of spot purchases do not actually conclude the purchasing process. In fact, the delivery stage includes activities such as delivery planning, loading vehicle allocation, customs clearance, statement and delivery tracking. The main aim is to ensure timely delivery, optimum specification of delivery model, correct transmitting of delivery information to customers. Repeated performance by the parties of many activities during delivery and gaps in communication causes inefficiency in companies.

The sales stage includes activities such as pricing, invoicing and collection. The errors in pricing and invoicing, delays in collections cause serious efficiency losses.

Benefits at a glance

  • Delivery and payment tracking management module provides expansion of the purchasing process initiated in electronic medium between the buyer and the supplier, such as to include delivery and payment transactions.
  • Financial income is achieved by providing fast, reliable and correct process management for all parties in this structure.
  • Together with the invoicing module, it receives the data from the suppliers for the invoice by establishing a portal where suppliers can enter dispatch information for purchases performed on the platform.
  • In light of these dispatch information, it can automatically issue the invoice within the resource planning program, as a result of the approval following warehouse delivery of the product, and thus, reduces as much as possible the workload of entering dispatch and invoice information within the purchasing department.
  • Also, the integration established with the accounting program of the company allows access to current account information of suppliers over the portal on the web so that suppliers track their invoices and payments through their own account.