Contract Management

In purchasing operations, the processes of purchasing under contract management are making contracts with spot or long term suppliers, defining the products and services to be purchased in the contract, performing contract tracking and checking compliance with the contract for received products.


The system performs the following using the Contract Management application in the Pratis platform;

  • Creates Draft Contracts for buyer companies,
  • Determines owners of draft contracts,
  • Assigns contract approval and update authorizations,
  • Tracks and records revisions and sets up the post-revision approval process,
  • Tracks contract terms by the system and defines reminder process,
  • Sets up the electronic approval processes of contracts (e-Signature, Mobile Signature), facilitates retrospective archiving of contracts and obtaining reports on contract records.

Also activates Contract creation, display and compliance management for the whole process, creates Standard and auditable processes, accelerates Contract completion processes, ensures that the Contract process can work as integrated with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems and as a result, can transfer and manage your Contract Management processes to the Pratis platform.