What is purchasing?

Purchasing is the complete process for procuring a good, service or a production function from market value including many functions such as requirement, demand, approval, research, supplier selection, negotiation, comparison, agreement, purchasing order, delivery and control.


Pratis e-Bargaining module contains different bargain forms we call e-offer request, e-tender, (Open, Implicit, Closed, Envelope, Dutch, Japanese etc.) and e-offer. The can be used as interconnected or independently. For example, it may be initiated with request for offers, and converted to bidding, or you may directly open a bid. If you wish, you may initiate qualification processes and perform supplier selection and then continue with your required type of bargain or make an offer to the supplier company.


Request Offers:
Buyer companies can start at the price research stage for product-service purchases, request offers from companies in electronic medium, or if required, create orders depending on results of the offers.  
With e-tenders initiated without requesting offer or directly, you may perform online negotiations according to the rules and strategies set by your company (by selecting your type of tender) and quickly achieve the best prices for your company.
Purchase Offer:
With the negotiation we name as purchase offer, you may propose price to supplier company according to the result of offer or tender.


Using the Pratis e-catalog module, you may upload to the system the product lists of your long term framework agreements with your suppliers, as unique catalogs for your company, perform the whole operation to be carried out with the order process, product update and price control steps in electronic medium.

How Does It Work?

  • The agreed price list is uploaded to the system according to start and end dates and sent to you for approval. The products may be listed together with their images as separated into main and sub categories. 
  • Your orders placed from the relevant price list are transmitted to your supplier online (if required through mail, sms or fax).
  • The status of transmitted orders, such as arrival, reply, sending and receipt are tracked.
  • Approval mechanisms are established and the orders are sent to the supplier after approval and personal - departmental budgets are specified for certain periods (monthly, quarterly etc.) so that contractual purchase processes can easily be managed within these budgets.
  • If your supplier company has the infrastructure, you may view the stock status from your catalog on Pratis through a separate integration and issue your order accordingly.

Merging of Request 

This is the function that merges requests of other member companies for purchase of products and services specified by buyer organizations (Buyer Companies) registered in the Pratis electronic purchase platform in order to gain higher volume and higher price advantages.

Who can use it;

  • Companies purchasing similar goods in the same industry
  • Different companies under the same holding
  • Companies operating in different industries but performing common product service purchase

Modes of usage;

  • Request merges conducted by Pratis
  • Request merges conducted by buyer companies on behalf of sub-companies


All purchasing transactions in the platform generates numerical data within Pratis. The users on Pratis platform, whether buyer or supplier, can reach negotiation and catalog monitoring screens, graphical screens and reports higher than 50 (offer comparison, negotiation performance, catalog order, product volume, supplier performance etc.). All transactions performed on the Pratis platform are retrospectively recorded on behalf of both purchaser and buyer companies and companies can reach these information and reports within seconds. These reports can also be setup according to requests of companies. The reports may be exported to Excel, pdf etc. formats as external data.