Purchase Request Module

After the request module determines the need during the purchasing process, the request for the need is defined and the necessary approval process is initiated. The system allows for stock control to be performed during approval and if not found in stock, the purchasing offer and negotiation stages are initiated.

What are its features?

  • The request module allows to define advanced authorization system so that companies can establish purchasing request hierarchy cycle within Pratis.
  • It can be used as the purchasing module of Enteprise Resource Planning application. The buyer organizations lacking such systems can achieve a full purchasing solution by using the request module and manage their processes effectively and cost-efficiently without any need for operation, setup and support.
  • In the Purchase Request module, purchasing department can fill and send for approval the Purchase Request Forms according to the technical specifications prepared by requesting units for each product or service to be purchased. The request form can be distributed to the necessary units through e-mail and be approved by officials (electronic signature support is provided).
  • The selection of product or service to be purchased can be performed easily considering parameters such as critical stock level, delivery time, turnover rate and shelf life.
  • For the products that have reached a critical stock level, the purchasing process can be initiated within the approval chain of the automatic and pre-defined purchasing instructions within purchase units. Upon completion of the approvals, relevant notifications can be made in electronic media to the owner of the request and the purchasing department contact.