Supplier Information And Performance Module

Selecting and measuring suppliers are among the most important stages of purchasing. It is necessary to complete in the preparation stage issues such as defining of purchase requirements, initiating market research for purchase, preparing product features in case of technical purchase and specifications in case of services purchase, etc. Also cost estimation (comparison of past offers and competitive price criteria) should be assessed within the period prior to collecting offers.

What can you do with the Pratis Supply Performance Management module?

  • Select suppliers to invite to your negotiations or set performance parameters to assess your suppliers.
  • Assessment source (Purchaser, Supplier and System) are determined and weighed according to your request.
  • Survey questions are defined and assessment groups are formed.
  • Incoming information over Pratis or from your own system can be integrated.
  •  Perform detailed assessment according to your criteria as buyer company and at the end of all transactions, examine the results by using performance reports specific to company or across the platform.