Supplier Pool

Selecting the correct supplier is important in purchasing processes. Diversifying the number of suppliers, finding new suppliers and including in the processes causes significant loss of time. Suppliers referenced by buyer organizations operating in our platform constitute the supplier pool in the Pratis platform.

How is it formed?

Pratis Electronic Commerce platform does not operate as a marketplace due to its structure. The suppliers using the system may be included in the system if invited by bargaining companies. This is why more than 25,000 registered suppliers in the Pratis platform are in the position of the supplier of a buyer company.  


The Buyer Companies are free to select and add the suppliers they request to work with. However, if needed, they can reach and include in their purchase system more than 25,000 referenced companies under a total of 166 main product and service categories, from forklift purchase to car rental, from construction real-estate to scrap sale, from energy purchase to organization works.