Application Development

Application Development

Some of the special applications arising from requirements of enterprises can be considered directly under application development, while new solution needs required for certain integration projects are resolved by the expert team of BİMSA. Making a difference for its customers using its experiences from different development environments, BİMSA continues to produce unique, end-to-end and need-oriented solutions for its customers. Pratis Electronic Commerce Platform has been developed fully by the expert software team of BİMSA.

Pratis Electronic Commerce Platform (Pratis) has been developed as an R&D project (*2), supported by the 1501 - TUBİTAK INDUSTRY R&D PROJECTS SUPPORT PROGRAM, under the scope of TUBİTAK - TEYDEB (*1) support program. The product continues to provide services as the most comprehensive product in Turkey in the field of electronic purchasing.

Bimsa has performed research and development activities in two different fields with this project. The first field can be summarized as electronic trade/purchase and the other as system development tools and development.


The Technology and Innovation Support Program Administration (TEYDEB) has been established to accelerate the process of converting technology to social benefit and to support research and technology development and innovation activities of private sector enterprises in our country. Thus, the aim is to increase research and technology development capability, innovative culture and competitiveness of enterprises in our country. TEYDEB designs and executes support programs according to these objectives.

 (*2) R&D project

Projects realized by Bimsa under TÜBİTAK-TEYDEP

Pratis R&D Project Phase I

PROJECT NUMBER                  TEYDEB-3060322

Pratis R&D Project Phase II

PROJECT NUMBER                  TEYDEB-3080147