Purchasing and E-Auction


With the digital purchasing platform Pratis, you can manage your purchase and auction processes online. Pratis ecosystem brings you together with your suppliers in the cloud environment and enables you to make purchases at the most optimal cost. While performing your purchases on Pratis; you can use e-bid collection, e-auction and e-purchase bidding methods.

Pratis purchasing management provides;

  • increase in productivity
  • decrease in purchasing costs
  • saving time and resources
  • process standardization
  • workflow and approval based on amount, authority and budget
  • provides transparent, reliable and controllable relationships with suppliers.

You can experience the fast and easy purchasing of the products and services most suitable for your specifications with various auction types.

  • Open
  • Covered
    • Covered Ranking Visible
    • Covered  Winner/Loser Visible
  • Sealed
  • Dutch
  • Japanese