Digital Purchasing Platform


Pratis offers you a digital purchasing platform where over 27,000 suppliers meet dozens of buyers, trading $3.2 billion a year in 375 different categories. Pratis's creative and innovative B2B services and cloud information technology provide you and your suppliers with a strong commercial network.

Pratis e-bidding and e-auction methods take your purchasing processes to the digital platform and provide benefits in the design, operation and control phases. Also; it supports your strategic purchasing process with user experience, purchasing expertise and technology.

Pratis user-friendly interface and advanced features provide you;

  • New buyers and variety of referenced suppliers,
  • Purchasing with optimum price,
  • Strong supplier relationships,
  • Budget control,
  • Transparent purchasing,
  • Fast and easy purchasing processes,
  • Standardization,
  • ERP integration.

Pratis Mobile Application

You can manage your purchases on mobile wherever you are, whenever you want. You can track bids or extend the bidding period. Online messaging strengthens your contact with your suppliers whilst it increases productivity by ensuring getting right bids.

Purchasing Analysis and Performance Evaluation

Pratis offers you easy-to-use, flexible reporting and analysis where you can evaluate your purchasing processes and supplier performance. Dozens of standard reports prepared for the needs of the purchasing industry allows you to control your procurement process.

Pratis purchasing analysis;

  • monitors your purchasing and supplier performance,
  • keeps your costs under control with expenditure and budget analysis,
  • easily compares offers and the same quality data,
  • analyzes your purchasing operations with statistical summary tables,
  • evaluate your performance with your savings on purchases.