Supplier Management


Pratis ecosystem brings you together with your suppliers in the cloud environment and enables you to make purchases at the most optimal cost.

Quick and Easy Access to Qualified Supplier using the Supplier Pool

27,000+ expert suppliers are waiting to work with you. You can take advantage of the Pratis supplier pool to reduce your risk and your costs.

One of the most important features of the Pratis ecosystem is the opportunity to reach current suppliers with classified information based on more than 100 categories.

At Pratis, you can work with your own suppliers or reach hundreds of expert suppliers for the products and services you need.

Supplier Approval Process in Accordance with Your Criteria and Approved Supplier Pool

At Pratis you can create your own customized approved supplier pool. You can make your e-auction and purchasing operations faster and in a more controlled way. You just need to set your supplier selection criteria and activate the corresponding approval for this feature which will speed up your company and provide risk minimization. After confirming the criteria you specify, it transfers it to the ERP, providing fast and error-free data entry.