Participation to E-Auctions and Sales Process


Pratis offers you a platform where you can meet with buyer companies and find new business opportunities and empower your relationships.

Access to over 300 product and service categories is one of the most important features of the Pratis platform. Therefore, buyers looking for your products and services can easily reach you. Right buyer and supplier match increases sales and also offers the opportunity to get invitation and notification.

Online company introduction and being displayed to your suitable target audience, increases recognition and potential of getting invitations, therefore strengthens your sales potential.

You can get invited to e-auctions by the buyer companies or you can bid on the general open auctions. You can follow the open auctions, receive category-based notifications, and be notified of appropriate auctions immediately on Pratis. You can access Pratis with a single click via mail and start your quick bidding process. You can send your bid revisions online and easily access your past offers using automatic archiving feature.

The direct correspondence feature with the purchasing department ensures that you get quick answers to your questions about the scope of the auction and compliance with the technical specifications. Additionally, the participation confirmation feature allows you to report your participation status to the auctions online. These features help you build stronger relationships with the buyers, and increase your productivity in the bidding process.

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